Tips for weekend reading

If you haven’t plans for weekend yet, we bringing you few recommendations for interesting articles that was published this week and that would be a shame to miss.

First of all, AEC Senior Fellow  Federico Fernandez talked with prof. Erich Weede about Europe, the common currency, the Union, and immigration.  Prof. Weede earned degrees in psychology and political sciences. He taught in the University until 2004, when he retired. He’s written eleven books and more than two hundred articles. Among his writings, we can find The Balance of Power, Globalization, and the Capitalist Peace, Economic Freedom and Development: New Calculations and Interpretations, and Mensch und Gesellschaft. Needless to say, Erich Weede posses a keen intellect coupled with an encyclopedic knowledge. He’s a bright enlightened man who is more than worthy of our attention. We can indeed learn a lot from him. You can read the first part of the interview named “The EU wants to make Europe into a social transfer union” on Federico’s regular blog The Free Market Diaries.

John Charalambakis, regular speaker of the Free Market Roadshow,  touches the issue of the future of Euro especially with regards to the upcoming Greek election that will be held on January 25th. To learn more check his piece “The Illusion of a European Firewall: Reflections on a Convoluted Expedition”.

Another of our dear friends and colleagues, Lorenzo Montanari, director of international programs and affairs at the Americans For Tax Reform, published article in Forbes where he had explained what negative impacts could have EU plans to implement interchange fee caps for regular customers.

That’s all for this week and we hope you will enjoy the articles and find them interesting and inspiring! Have a great weekend!