Sign the petition to support united Ukraine

By Gabriela von Habsburg, Free Market Road Show

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a challenge to the ideals that have made our world safer, freer, more prosperous, and more stable. In the 21st century, no nation should be able to use military force to prevent the free choice of any nation seeking: democracy; inclusive, tolerant, and representative society; open and free markets; and collective security.

This is a time for leadership, and for defining whether this century will be a period of the further expansion of human freedom or a decline of the values we shed blood for in the 20th century. Yet many of our leaders seem to believe there is little public support for defending Ukrainian democracy, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

I think we would all disagree with that, and I would encourage you to sign the letter found at to add your voice in support of action for a united Ukraine — to urge American and European leaders to defend a united Ukraine in a Europe whole, free, and at peace.

Former President Saakashvili and his former national security adviser, Giga Bokeria, are the initiating signers on the letter. Please note that we welcome additional public figures as lead signers; other signatures will not be listed publicly, though we hope to show strong support from the United States and nations across Europe.

Please read the full letter and sign on at, and encourage others to do so as well!

Follow this link to read more.