Presenting the speakers of FMRS 2015

While the political elites seem detached and aloof, Europeans are desperate for new ideas that will boost the economy and get people back to wealth creation. Do politicians in Brussels and in capitals across Europe know what it takes to revitalize the economy and bring prosperity to Europeans?This is why during the 2015 Free Market Road Show  leading scholars, economists, politicians, journalists and entrepreneurs are gathered to find the recipe to kickstart the European economy.In WarsawBarcelonaMadrid and Sevilla we will have Leszek Balcerowicz, former Chairman of the National Bank of Poland and Deputy Prime Minister, and recipient of 2014 Friedman Prize. Leszek is an innovative and experienced economic reformist who planned Poland’s transition in the 1990’s from Soviet-style central planning to a thriving market economy. The success of his plan is great proof that prosperity and growth could be achieved only by liberalization, deregulation and removing chains tying up the private sector.We are glad that amongst the panelists in LondonBrusselsSevillaStockholmCopenhagen,Amsterdam and Vilnius is Daniel Mitchell, senior fellow at the CATO institute in Washington D.C., one of the leading U.S. experts in fiscal policy, international taxation, and the consequences of government overspending. Dan has appeared on every major TV network and published articles in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, USA Today, and Investor’s Business Daily. At this year’s Free Market Road Show, Dan will certainly debunk many socialist misconceptions, as he did in his latest article: “Tax Haven Myths vs. Facts”.
We also welcome aboard entrepreneurs who know how much hard work and enthusiasm it takes to build something and what challenges job creators are facing. One such entrepreneur is Nadeem Shaikh, founder and CEO of Anthemis Group SA. Nadeem’s experience and expertise inspired and encouraged a  whole generation of fintech start-ups and he will share his story of success in Podgorica on April 24.We hope to see you at our events to discuss with these speakers and others the most pressing issues and challenges our continent faces today.