Our partners: Taxpayers Association Of Ukraine

tauThe Taxpayers Association of Ukraine (TAU) is a voluntary, non-profit and non-political public organization. Founded in 1998, the TAU aimed at protection of taxpayers’ rights and interest, fight for lower taxes and accountable government.

15 years of honest work

From the day-to-day for 15 years Taxpayers Association of Ukraine adequately respond to all challenges.Keeping up with the times and honestly meeting our obligations, we work to create favorable conditions for the development of national entrepreneurship, building so high European standards.Regardless of economic conditions, we are acting within the law and the rights granted to us. Encouraging fair taxes, we remain a reliable partner and protector of businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Members all over Ukraine
  • 27 territorial branches
  • 128 local branches
  • 7576 members involved

Taking into consideration the importance of the realization of its mission, the Association realizes the next tasks:

  • monitors the legislative initiatives, actions of power structures in the sphere of tax law in order to widen and realize legal rights and interests of taxpayers;
  • represents  taxpayers’ interests in the state courts, administrative institutions and institutions of local governing during formation and realization of state taxation and economic policies;
  • teaches taxpayers in order to promote the voluntary and timely tax payment, increasing of social prestige of a Ukrainian taxpayer;
  • ensures effective cooperation between business and government for optimal combination of their interests;
  • cooperates with other NGOs, including international, with a purpose of experience exchange as well as protection of legal rights and interests of the members of the Association;
  • creates necessary legal and social conditions for wider attraction of citizens into entrepreneurial activity.

The Taxpayers Association of Ukraine is one of the most powerful civil society organization in the sphere of taxes and finances in Ukraine. Influential partner of the state, as it represents and defends the rights of small-, medium- and large-sized businesses of all key sectors of economy in Ukraine.

The organization actively establishes contacts with members of parliament and officials, works in tight cooperation with tax officers, maintains wide international communications, and organizes studying, consultations and experience exchange.

A powerful potential of the Association, experience of defense of its members and the work in general gives concrete results, that matters for all society.

Projects and initiatives

All-Ukrainian rating  Best Taxpayers Awards”In 2011, TAU initiated the tradition of respect to the average taxpayer, and promotes public recognition of the role of honest taxpayers and promote the idea of ​​fair business.

 Public Discussions

Public discussions create powerful ground for discussion the issues of urgent problems of businessmen, establishing relationship between business and authorities. Disscussions are held on 2 levels – regional and all-Ukrainian one. On the basis of the results of disscussions the resolution is prepared and send to the governmental bodies with a purpose of improvement of the tax legislationof Ukraine.

For 3 consecutive years, together with the Austrian Economic Center and Friedrich von Hayek Institute the AUT has been a co-organizer of the international debate «Free Market Road Show» in Ukraine.

Nowadays the Association is opened for cooperation and calls all interested people to join to its activity! For more informaton vistit TAU website of Facebook page.