Our partners: ALT

In today’s part of our Meet the partners series we will visit our friends from Turkey Association of Liberal Thinking (ALT).

altALT was established in December 1992. The objectives of ALT as a non-profit, non-governmental organization are to introduce to Turkish public the richness of the intellectual tradition that lay at heart of the liberal democratic civilization to engage in activities that promote understanding and acceptance of values and concepts like liberty, justice, tolerance, peace, human rights, the rule of law, to encourage academic researches on liberal themes; and to contribute to finding effective solutions to Turkey’s political and economic problems within liberal thought.

ALT brings together like-minded people whose belief in and commitment to liberty, free market economy, and limited government have been proved by their intellectual and professional work. ALT, as an independent intellectual grouping,  aims to set and influence broader political debates so as to contribute to the liberalization of Turkey in economic and political fields.


Liberty Academy

Seminars of the Liberty Academy are held in Ankara at ALT’s premises and as well as in other cities on issues like liberty, peace, human rights, constitutional democracy, rule of law, freedom of expression, religious freedom, free market economy, free trade, economic freedom and prosperity. These seminars are organized in two different levels as Introductory Seminars for undergraduate students and Advanced Seminars for selected from participants of first level programs. ALT also organizes 8 week long seminars for graduate students moderated by an academician within a reading program.

2014 Annual Congress for Liberal Thought

Annual Congress for Liberal Thought was be held this year on 31st October- 2nd November 2014 in Cappadocia. Intellectuals who are the supporters of constitutional government, individual freedom and free market economy were invited from all around Turkey to gather at the annual Congress for Liberal Thought. Academicians, jurists, journalists, researchers, businessmen and intellectual entrepreneurs meeting at the Congress got the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with each other as well as they discuss around the topics presented. The congress is held for more than 15 years now.

2015 Annual Freedom Dinner, May 15, 2015, Saturday

Every year in May, friends of liberty come together for the Annual Liberty Dinner. At the same night, ALT delivers a Liberty Award to a person who contributes to the promotion of liberty in Turkey.

Essay Contest: 

Within the Liberty Week activities, an Awarded Essay Contest among undergraduate students is held to have them better understand the values and institutions of a free society and to promote their reasoning and composition abilities. The awards of the first three places are presented during the Annual Liberty Dinner. In 2014 the topic was the “Impact of liberal democracy and free trade on peace” realized with the contributions of Network for Free Societies.

Learn more about ALT on their website and check their Facebook and Twitter.