Meet our partners: Danube Institute

1146654_221761554664509_1385487022_nThe Danube Institute exists to provide an independent center for of intellectual debate for conservatives and classical liberals and their democratic opponents in Central Europe.  Based in Budapest and Washington it seeks to engage with centre-right institutions, scholars, political parties and individuals of achievement across the region to discuss problems of mutual interest.

The Institute also seeks to establish a two-way transmission belt for centre-right ideas, policies and people between Central Europa, Western Europe, and the English speaking world, and to provide an authoritative source of rational and commonsensical reporting and commentary for those covering Central Europe for the world outside the region. It was founded by the Batthyány Foundation in 2013 and enjoys a close working relationship with the Hungarian Review.

The Institute promotes its aims through two main programmes:  the publication of studies on issues of public controversy and through seminars, debates and public lectures. However, our activities goes beyond a purely economic or political agenda to address the cultural and moral topics which increasingly shape attitudes to public policy issues. Accordingly, it hosts film screenings  and reviews plays and other works of particular social, historical and cultural interest. Our internship and scholarship programmes are intended to advance the intellectual development and career prospects of young people in Central Europe.

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