How much more can the business location Austria take?

Panel-discussion at the Federation of Austrian Industries

Bank-bailouts, federal-guarantees, regulations and government bonds are intensive burdens, under which the european economy suffers a great deal. They also pose tough challenges for the European Union. Facing larger and larger solidary contributions to economically weaker countries, ever more member states tumble into financial difficulty. The focus of the political ruling class is very strongly set on short-sighted financing instead of middle- and long term austerity.

In Austria, the tax reform decided upon in March is supposed to solve all problems. However, entrepreneurs and investors consider the decisons of the Austrian government mostly to be one additional burden for highly productive individuals, an additionsal increase in the regularoty apparatus and, lastly, just a new incentive to change one’s location of business and leave the country. Is the tax-reform merely a step backwards rather than an improvement? This and many other questions will be asked on April 15th at an expert conference in the course the Free Market Road Show (FMRS). Every year the FMRS brings together hundreds of international experts with local politicians, entrepreneurs and journalists, who tour all over Europe and dwell on questions of economic policy in the course of lectures and panel-discussions.  FMRS-events are open to the public and involvment of the audience is greatly desired and encouraged.  „Where else an you find the economic spokespersons of various political parties gathered in one place and can thus easily compare their positions?“, asks Barbara Kolm, director of the Austrian Economics Center, the organization conducting the FMRS. „One-sided views of problems lead to one-sided reactions“, she explains further. „We are intent on drawing a complete picture and finding solutions that work for everybody.“

The conference titled „Growth or Stagnation?“ will feature a.o. Erich Weede, Othmar Karas, Marko Musulin, Hans Staud and Christian Helmenstein and will begin at 10:30AM on April 15th at the Federation of the Austrian Industries.

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