Free Market Tips for Weekend Reading – February 20th

This week we are highlighting two articles which come from veteran Speakers at the Free Market Road Show®. We also recommend the interview the Free Market Diaries did with the creator of the Free Market Road Show® Dr. Barbara Kolm. She talked about the past, present and future of this great international project.

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The Journey of the Free Market Road Show®

At the forefront of the fight for economic freedom in Europe is the Free Market Road Show® (FMRS®), and at its helm is Dr. Barbara Kolm. Recently, the inquisitive Federico Fernandez was able to get an interview with Dr. Kolm to learn more about the FMRS®. His objective was to discover more about the humble beginnings of the FMRS® and how it has developed to the significant size it is now. As always, Kolm provided clear and insightful answers to all the questions presented. Federico Fernandez’s interview “Destination Freedom. The Journey of the Free Market Road Show”can be reached through this hyper link, you can read even more by looking through Federico’s blog Free Market Diaries.

Are there any grounds for optimism in Europe?

Could cheap oil and a weak euro help save Europe’s economy? We don’t know, but Enrico Colombatto intends to find out. To understand more about this point you should read the thought-provoking article he wrote “Cheap oil and weak euro could drive Europe’s growth”. He goes over the pros and cons of deflation in Europe. He also touches on the importance of big reforms to Europe’s spending addiction, love of taxes and heavy handed over regulation.

Furthermore, Colombatto has recently published a book about markets, morality and public intervention.

Grexit scenario and beyond

Could Greece become the Singapore of Europe? That depends on whether Eurocrats allow this and the current Greek leadership makes the right choices. Dr. John E. Charalambakis goes into this and more in his article “Overfed but Still Malnourished: The Aegean Sea Meets Singapore”. After struggling economically for years it seems Greece might jump the moon. That is, of course, if Greece understands they are in need of pro-growth reform.