Free Market Tips for Weekend Reading – February 13th

This week we are featuring four more articles related to our Free Market Road Show speakers. From defending the tax havens, too calling for boring bankers, you’ll have plenty to read this weekend.

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Tax Havens

Is there no haven for tax havens? Not if the big International bureaucracies have anything to do with it. In Dan Mitchell’s article “The Moral Case for Tax Havens” he points out the positives of having tax havens in our tax happy world. The most noteworthy reason being tax competition. Anyone who knows their economics, knows that competition will lead to lowering prices or in this case lowering taxes.

Using simple analogies, Dan explains that tax havens not only help save the standard citizen, who is trying to keep the long reach of their government off their hard earned money, but also help the impoverished citizen living under dictatorships and corrupt governments. He points out the groups that bash the tax haven, pointing out their self interest in getting rid of the competition. This is a great read for anyone trying to better understand how tax havens work for you.


Eastern Europe in Turmoil! Most people know of the troubles in Eastern Europe, but they usually think of Ukraine when it comes to this issue. The truth is that other countries find themselves in similar, less volatile, situations. Chief among these countries is Moldova. Moldova has for some time struggled with a corrupt government and Russian intervention.

In the article “Moldova: election outcome will test viability of Europe’s eastern expansion” written by Eka Tkeshelashvili, we get further insight into this matter and how it might affect the future of Europe in the East. The paper concentrates on the recent 2014 general elections. During which the, pro-Russian, Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) won the majority. Now the newly formed Political Alliance for a European Moldova (APME) has an uphill political war to fight to turn the tides and bring Moldova into the European fold.


“The essence of lying is in deception, not in words.” –John Ruskin. This is true, especially when applied to ZEDE project in Honduras (Zones for Employment and Economic Development). At least the people at the PanamPost would probably agree, considering they wrote the article titled “ZEDE Opponents Resort to Deception”. In this article we get a closer look at the up and coming ZEDE project and what some of the opposition is claiming about it.

For those who don’t know the ZEDE project is an experiment to see if the economy will flourish once it is no longer weighed down under government over regulation. It essentially will create a free market, which, in theory, will generate an influx of jobs and stimulate the economy. For an experiment that might produce a possible better example for how economies should be structured it is receiving an unusual amount of flak.

At the Free Market Road Show, Mark Klugmann has been untiringly spreading this message that the ZEDEs are set to both generate economic growth and stand the test of time.

Central Banking

Most people don’t like boring things, but if you asked Henrique Schneider, he would probably disagree with you. To him the best two B’s to put together are Boring and Bankers. He explains why in his new article, “Bring back boring bankers”. In which, he goes over the Pros of Keeping both private and central bankers as boring as possible.