The Free Market Road Show kick started in Bucharest




An engaged audience attended a superb event that covered the issue of how much power should Brussels have and the problem of “brain drain” because of emigration. A particularly pressing issue for Rumania, since –as Radu Nechita pointed: “10% of the Rumanian population has left the country”.


About Brussels, AEC’s Barbara Kolm suggested that “the EU should go back to its first principles of free markets and peace and have Friedrich Hayek’s ideas as a guide”.


Terry Anker, one of the key note speakers, spoke about the importance of entrepreneurship and individual initiative. He also remarked the dangers of Big Business and Big Government teaming up against innovators: “Big businesses are actively trying to prevent entrepreneurs to compete with them. They use government regulations to do that”.


Richard Rahn, the other key note, talked about Europe’s economy and the dangers of the raising global financial regulations. “War on global money laundering: it is huge con game by major banks and allow govts to target anybody in the world”, said Rahn.


The Austrian Economics Center (AEC), in cooperation with the local partners Institutul Republican, Noua Republică, and in association with international partners such as the Liberty Fund, Global Philanthropic Trust, European Students for Liberty, Ruefa and the F.A. v. Hayek Institut, proudly organized this event in Bucharest. This was the first stop of the 7th Annual Free Market Road Show® which tours from March 26th to May 12th. 30 cities, hundreds of speakers, thousands of attendees and one message: Freedom.