Free Market Reading Tips for the Weekend – March 13th

This week we are giving you a real treat, more articles than ever! Dan Mitchell is back with more to say about tax-havens. We also have some ominous warning from Dan Hannan about the future of the U.S., but do not worry that is the last Dan we are featuring in this week’s suggestions.

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Against the anti-tax-heaven narrative

It seems Dan Mitchell won’t rest until the truth comes out about Tax havens, so he is at it again with his new article “Tax Haven Myths vs. Facts”. This time he has decided to debunk some anti-tax-haven myths. The first Myth Dan tackles is “Tax havens result in $100 billion of unpaid taxes.” Which he explains is basically a lie built upon fib made by John Kerry. This is just the first of five myths he touches on. This article is a must read for everyone.

The sick man “from” Europe

Dan Hannan has a warning for you U.S. in the form of his new article “Kill Obamacare, or U.S. healthcare will suffer same fate as Britain”. Dan uses some strong stories in this argument against the UK health care system, one about a personal friend and a misplaced body. Another, more horrifyingly, about the deaths of hundreds due to negligence and covered up. Finishing up by explaining that this failure of a health care system is now too big and holds so much influence it is nearly impossible to topple and that the U.S. is summoning the same monster. This is a well written article that should be read by all, but is especially important for Americans.

Global markets in a nutshell

Global markets are getting dangerously dysfunctional, but just how far along the road to broken are they. John Charalambakis tries to shed some light on this subject in the interesting article he wrote “Quanto Sia Vana Ogni, Quanto Fallace Ciaschedum Disegno”: The Economics of Turmoil, and the Financing of Dysfunctionalities in the Midst of Volatile Markets” I know the title is a mouthful, but Charalambakis is as concise as possible on the convoluted subject. So this one pager is worth the read.

Colombatto’s predictions prove their mettle

There is only one thing worse than putting your faith in the weak, and that is doing it twice with the same weakling that failed you.  Professor Enrico Colombatto believes this is the problem right now in Europe. He made that clear in his new article “Our predictions on Europe’s economies stand the test of time”. Going with the belief that if you bailout the weak players on the field, you prevent potentially better players from replacing them. In the end this just delays the economic meltdown instead of getting rid of completely and allowing for improvement to take its place.

Thanks, Obama

The U.S. economy has been like a good book lately, by that I mean that we’ve had a lot of ups and downs and we are clueless to what is going to happen next. Dr. Alejandro Antonio Chafuen goes over the possibilities and the struggles in Americas near future in his article “The U.S. Economy in 2015: Challenges and Opportunities”. Not only does he talk about the future, but also how we got here, with a special thanks to Obama for borrowing more money than any president in U.S. history. In any case this is a very intriguing article if you want insight into the future of America.

Greek tragedies

Any parent can tell you that just because you made a kid and really wanted him to be a famous actor does not mean he or she will turn out that way. In Pedro Schwartz’s article “Greece and the Euro, All Over Again” we here a similar story. This time the parents are the European Union and their child is the Euro. Pedro hits on the point that the Euro changed from its intended purpose a long time ago and is only further departing from its original purpose as time goes on. If you want the full story, you’ve got to give the article a read.