Free Market Reading Tips for the Weekend – February 27th

Reading Tips for the Weekend – February 27th

This week we have some very special weekend readings for you all. We have Richard Rahn commending those that have fought against the fundamentalist Muslims that have been trying to oppress the free speech. We also have Daniel Hannan hitting on the hot topic of tax avoidance. Last but not least we bring John Fund on media bias and Dan Mitchell on small government.

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In praise of tax avoidance

How can the government avoid tax avoidance? The answer is a simple one, get rid of the need for people to avoid their taxes in the first place. In Daniel Hannan’s recent article “In praise of tax avoidance” he brings to light the different ways the government has created a system where people actively try to hide their money. It’s as if your government is a bad part of a city, so when you go through it, you hide your big bank notes in your socks and only keep the small ones in your wallet. So when the government inevitably mugs you, it can only take a little of what you actually have. What we need to change the mugger out for is a beggar, that asks only for a little of what you have. This way people won’t be hiding their money and more people will move to your “city” to escape their oppressive ones.

The Empirical Case for a Much Smaller Public Sector

Dan Mitchell is back on our weekend suggestions with another article: “The Empirical Case for a Much Smaller Public Sector”. In this one he goes over the issue of over feeding our government. To put it in simpler terms, just because you feed a cow more doesn’t mean you’ll get more milk. At one point you’re just wasting your money on the food for the cow, much like we waste our money on taxes and get less out of our government. Of course the farmer is at an advantage considering the cow can’t raise the amount of food you have to give it.

Pushing back against Islamist aggression

It’s time to take a stand against Islamic bullies. Richard Rahn of the Washington Times has recently published a new article “Pushing back against Islamist aggression”. In which he praises those around the world who haven’t let the threats of fundamentalist Muslims quiet their voices. He singles out Flemming Rose who was tested against the anvil of death threats, only to emerge reforged and stronger than ever in his cause to speak up against the attacks aimed at free speech. Richard Rahn is a veteran speaker of the FMRS® and will be coming back this year to dole out more great material.

The ‘Gotcha’ Game, Fair and Square

“I know the world isn’t fair, but why isn’t it ever unfair in my favor?”-Bill Watterson. US Republicans might be asking this question, and the answer is simple. They aren’t Obama or his ilk, so the media isn’t infatuated with them. In one of John Funds recent articles “The ‘Gotcha’ Game, Fair and Square” he asks that the media not to lay off on the attacks on the Republicans, but to also lay it on the Democrats. John Fund longs for the days of indiscriminant dislike for both parties from the media.