Free Market Reading Tips for the Weekend – March 20th

The weekend will have some interesting readings! We have Richard Rahn predicting the future, and supposedly honest politician in the making. We even have Dan Hannan back with the bold, yet reasonable claim, that just because rich people are getting more money it doesn’t mean poor people aren’t either.

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Buying some time…

While many think that the worst part of the Greek crisis has been avoided, Professor Enrico Colombatto warns that this is not the case. In Professor Colombatto’s recent article “Economics: Germany emerges as power broker in Greek debt crisis” Colombatto claims that the deal brokered by Germany only served to create some much needed breathing space for Greece. Merely putting off the major disaster, instead of solving it. At the same time, he explains this has given Germany a substantial amount of power over their fellow Europeans, who want to stay on their good side. This is a good article to read to stay up to date on the struggle in Europe.

Hannan on class warfare

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” –Karl Marx. It’s a pretty catchy phrase, to bad it’s as unsubstantiated and incorrect as saying that communism worked out. In fact the truth is that the rich are indeed getting richer and the poor are getting richer as well. Daniel Hannan explains why in his new article “The rich are richer and the poor are getting… richer!” The only problem is that we doubt any of the hard core leftists will be happy until the rich become poor, even if that is probably a bad sign for the economy. Our question is, if the rich become poor, who are they going to blame things on?

Back to the future

Richard Rahn is worried about the future and tells us why in his new article “The world a year from now”. His main concern is the complacency the west has with Russia basically annexing Ukraine and Iran building a nuclear weapon. We mean we all learned at a young age to stop bullies and not to let people with bad records have all the parts to a gun, so why let it happen on a scale like this. Furthermore, Rahn points out the trouble the global market will be in if the U.S. or France slip up.


It looks like the modern world will see its third period of great deflationary pressures before long. Dr. John E. Charalambakis has a lot to say about how we got to this point and even more about quantitative easing (QE). If you don’t know enough about this risky maneuver more and more banks are resorting to, then we suggest you read this enlightening article “Drying up the Collateral Base”.

Vilnius mayor-elect

Vilnius mayor Remigijus Šimašius has a bold new plan unseen in governments for years, he plans on telling the truth. The BNS recently wrote an article pertaining to this “Vilnius mayor-elect Šimašius pledges more transparency”. Mr. Šimašius was one of the speakers of last year’s FMRS. We wish him the best of luck.