Free Market Reading Tips for the Weekend – April 3rd

Another week, another exemplary choice of readings. We have Dan Mitchell talking about Tax havens, Michael Strong on ZEDEs, Federico Fernández on the Balkans and much-much more. Make sure not to miss these great articles.

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America: the tax haven

If you need a tax haven, there’s a big one you might not have expected. The United States of America. The only catch is, you can’t be U.S. citizen. In Dan Mitchell’s article “The US Is a Tax Haven… and that’s a Very Good Thing”Dan talks about this surprising tax haven. It is very interesting that a country that criticizes tax havens is in fact a tax haven.

ZEDEs will bring prosperity to Honduras

There has been a lot of talk about ZEDEs recently. The nay-sayers have claimed it will turn into some kind of horror similar to the classic movie the Road Warrior. Yet there are those that laugh at these assumptions, explaining the many benefits of ZEDEs. Michael Strong is one of these people, and his article “How ZEDEs Can Make Honduras Prosperous” does just this through a multitude of ways, such as bringing up the success stories of Hong Kong and Singapore.

A lesson from the Caucasus

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana. This is a truly truly profound quote. This is also one of the more true quotes out there to today. In the article written by Gia Jandieri called “Georgia: A Lesson has to be Remembered”we get to read through some of the rough times the country has been through and some of the choices the made to try to get on the right track.

International Roundtable

The knights of liberty gathered at the roundtable in Skopje recently and AEC’s Federico Fernández wrote about it on his blog. It was a three panel discussion in a room filled to the brim with eager ears. Students and faculty from multiple schools attended to hear them talk, it was very worth it as they got to hear about a multitude of subjects most pertaining to the Balkans. Federico’s “International Roundtable” is a must read for those who couldn’t attend.

Fight the power

Almost all around the world one thing is common. Stealing is against the law. This is not completely true in the U.S. though, this is because the different enforcement agencies around the country have the ability to use “asset forfeiture” to take your stuff. Asset forfeiture is just a nice way of saying, “take your stuff without proving you did anything wrong.” This is obviously a horrible thing, but Richard Rahn brings good news in his article “One small step against tyranny”. One of the U.S. states, New Mexico, has abolished this despicable practice. Get the full story by reading his article now.