FMRS published in Startup Concepts

The Free Market Road Show conference in Komotini was published in Startup Concepts.

A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of secular stagnation. What recipe does Europe need to

change the declining trend? Can Europe dream of a decade of robust economic growth? This could

definitely trigger positive effects in more areas than the obvious. To higher standards of living we

should add a cleaner environment and the elimination of the remaining pockets of poverty.  

But do Europeans –and their political elites in particular– have what it takes to achieve positive economic results?

In connection with the lack of growth there is always the issue of entrepreneurship. How can Europe

unleash the creative forces of its youth? Some believe that the European Union should create startup

zones and thus foster entrepreneurship. Others, on the contrary, say that the EU and its regulations

must be as far away as possible from entrepreneurs. They think that only the free market can provide

the trial and error environment that startups need to thrive.

The 2015 Free Market Road Show® will stop in Komotini on May 23rd and International top speakers,

renowned economists, leading politicians, and prominent business leaders will join the Road Show to

discuss these crucial topics.

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